Marble and Grain Steakhouse, Restaurant & Bar

A polished marble bar, dark timber panelling, exposed concrete walls creating a contrast to the soft leather seating while presenting a matte surface that plays off the polished brass highlights.  A stylish and warm space that houses Marble & Grain - Canberra’s European steakhouse inspired Gastro-Pub.   

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Battle of the Beef

  • 13 June 2020
  • 12.30PM - 2.30PM
  • 125PP

Do you prefer cured beef? What do you prefer, grain or pasture fed beef? And which is better, dry aged or wet aged beef? Taste the difference between all of these types of beef from the experts over a 5 course lunch.

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Italy on a Plate with Chef Danny Russo

  • 15 August 2020
  • 12.30PM - 2.30PM
  • 140PP

Join Celebrity Chef Danny Russo for an Italian 5 course feast that takes you on a journey through the regions of Italy with each course, exploring the foundations of Italian food and how it developed with all of its glorious Mediterranean influences.

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Father's Day

  • 06 September 2020
  • 79PP

Celebrate dad this Father's Day over a three course feed me lunch.

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Tour De Rhone - A Rhone Valley Wine Appreciation Masterclass

  • 19 September 2020
  • 12.30PM - 2.30PM
  • 125PP

Ever wanted to take a wine tour through the Rhone Valley but budget doesn’t permit it? Let Freddie from Le Petite Bouchon take you there with our Rhone Valley Wine Appreciation Masterclass. For a complete viticulture experience, join Freddie for a Tour De Rhone over a 5 course lunch with matching wines all from the Rhone Valley.

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A picture of Marble and Grain from the Avenue Hotel in Canberra


Our Muster Room is the perfect spot for your next work function, Friday night drinks, a casual dinner, or a birthday celebration. A relaxed, open-air hangout, regardless of weather and the ideal casual hangout space for up to 50 people.

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